Alan Day


Day Hikes in the Metro Area
(no pun intended)

Live Oak Drive - Turkey Run Park

Ft Marcy - Turkey Run Park

Bird on Rock in Potomac River 

Windy Run Waterfall 

Featuring the

Potomac Heritage Trail

from Roosevelt Island to Ft Marcy along the Potomac River

National Trails Day 6 June 1998
was broadcast on Fairfax Cable Access Corp Channel 10 (Media General/Jones cable areas). 

   Sunday 9 August at 2:00 pm
    Thursday 13 August at 9:30 am
    Saturday 15 August at 8:30 pm
Sunday 20 September @ 9:30 pm
Monday 21 September @ 6:00 pm
Wednesday 23 September @ 10:30 am

Made with the assistance of the 
 Potomac Appalachian Trail Club (PATC)

Alan Day coming down notch below Gulf Branch
Video Clip

Other programs in the planning stage include

Rock Creek Park
 Riverbend Park
 trails map
Great Falls Park
trails map

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