Boy Scout Troop 1313

Maine High Adventure Canoe Trip

Matagamon Base & West Branch Penobscot River

29 July - 8 August 1999

Lake Magtagamon Base

Cliff Jumping Video Clip

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Red Canoe-Peter & Dan video clipLeader video clip
Alan & Fred - Weeee!!!Alan & Fred video clip
Big Red Team video clipBig Red video clip


Clif Jumping in Matagamon Lake

Four feet didn't sound like much in base camp

West Penobscot River: What we had to contend with!!

Sometimes unsuccessfully

Swimming at Big Island camp site

They have Blue Herons in Maine, too!

Mama Moose feeding

Moose tracks, size 12

"The Store" Chesuncook Village, Maine

Homemade Root Beer from "The Store"

Church @ Chesuncook Village

Taking a break on the church porch

Dan & Peter

Marshmallows over a campfire

Mt Katahdin from Mouser Island

Canoes taking off on float plane

Flying canoes going home 

Logger Memorial, Ripogenus Dam, Maine

General Store @ Shin Pond, Maine

Veterans aka Geezers showing off their beards

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