Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day



The Underground Railroad

"The Lindens" the main building of the Bancroft School, was torn down when the school was modernized.  A fire one night hastened the dismantling of the obsolete, old wooden structure and only the basement remained.

A boarded up section was found in one side of the cellar and when this was pulled down a small room was discovered that was totally empty except for a small child-sized chair.

Further investigation disclosed an opening to a tunnel that lead down east Kings highway toward the center of Haddonfield.  This was only briefly surveyed as it was too hazardous to go too far into the hole.

The authorities conjectured that this passage was probably used in pre-Civil War time as part of the underground railway for slaves being smuggled North from the South.  As there was no other plausible reason for the existence of the tunnel this story stood.

If it is a myth then it does add more color to the history of the town. Homepage
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