Days of Yore
Kings Highway (113K)
Kings Highway w/Trolley Car
as recounted by

Bill Day


Haddon Ave (37K)
Haddon Avenue

Trolley Cars

Reminiscing on Haddonfield in the not so long ago, one can remember many things.

One of these, the trolley cars, will be interesting to the younger citizens and be remembered by the older gentry in town.  How the trolley cars came across the railroad bridge from Westmont and the route into town and then how they proceeded to make the return trip to Camden is interesting.

The cars would be on Haddon avenue until they reached the then deadend at East Kings highway.  A right hand turn onto Main street (Kings highway) would take the cars to the railroad.

At this point, a switch operated manually would put them on a parallel track to carry them back down to Potter street, where another switch put them on another parallel track that enabled them to return to Haddon avenue, where a right hand turn put them on a straight rout back to Camden.

Every summer a welcome sight to all the passengers was the replacement of the closed cars by the open cars with running boards to board by, so a cool ride all could enjoy.

Today it is almost unrealistic to think of tracks and trolley cars playing a prominent roll in traffic on East Kings highway Homepage
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