Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


Ties that bind
Roots have become a foremost interest in the minds of the American public recently.  This was brought about by the book, "Roots" and the television series.  However, there's another type of roots that, due to the modern ways of life, has been relegated into the background but that's even much more important, as it is a tie that binds one's lifestyle to a happy existence.

To a number of mortals the feeling oft comes,

That a change in life's plans would be most welcome.

That the roots that have grown with the tree of life,

Are binding ties that cause storm and strife.

So a change is oft made, that at first seems just right,

And the world then becomes very proper and bright.

The change seems so good for all concerned,

There are no regrets for the bridges just burned.

Sometimes though, a feeling creeps in,

That things are not just what they seem to have been.

With this thought at the fore, then realization comes,

That the older one grew, that something is gone.

It's those roots of life, holding that tree as before,

That tree and the roots, that once seemed a bore.

Now this does not happen in every style of life,

But it does enough to make one tarry awhile.

Before making the change that would throw life askew,

For it takes a long time for roots to renew. Homepage
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