Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day



The Bright Spot

Adjacent to the old buttonwood trees near the corner of East Kings highway and Haddon avenue stood the local movie house that used to exist in Haddonfield.

It was called "The Bright Spot" and was manned by Haddonfield boys, among whom were Bill Stevenson, Joe Staveley, Stan Redman and George Everett, who was the projectionist.  A matinee was scheduled every afternoon with an admission of five cents - the evening show price was 15 cents.  How time has seen a change!

During Saturday afternoon matinees occasionally vaudeville acts would be presented.  One act one time was a character dressed as Charlie Chaplin.  He stood on a small platform by the screen and performed juggling and apple spearing acts while blindfolded, to the delight of the small fry audience.

At the conclusion of the act Charlie would turn to fully face his audience revealing a hole in one side of his mask which would divulge the source of his ability!  The actor in this skit was Henry Carlton Beck, not the well-known local author of the Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey books.  At that time he was known as Harry Beck. Homepage
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