Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


The Deer
One afternoon in the not so long ago, a large dog was seen rubbing his wet nose all over the window of the beauty shop on east Kings highway near Friends avenue.  It then trotted on down the highway and when it reached Friends avenue it turned the corner and proceeded down toward the Friends Meeting House.  A lady walking up the street realized that the creature coming toward her was not a big dog but a small deer.  When it saw her it ran down a nearby driveway.  She followed it in time to see it jump over a fence into the next yard.

When her husband came home that evening and was told about what his wife had seen, he scoffed at the story.  However, when he saw the tracks that were in evidence as the animal had vaulted over fences to get down to the Meeting House parking area, he recognized that they were deer tracks.

It must have gone on down Mitchell's lane, across Grove street to Hopkins Woods.  Where it had gone to after that, nobody ever knew.

This was probably the only deer seen in the area since Elizabeth Haddon had pointed one out to little Ebenezer Hopkins, her five-year-old nephew, when she took him for a walk one day in 1716.

The story of the deer was substantiated when the doubters went up to the beauty shop that evening and looked at the smeared up window that the wet nose had made.  It had probably stopped there to try to get an appointment on its way down from the Mountwell Poll area to the Hopkins Lake area. Homepage
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