Days of Yore
Kings Highway (113K)
as recounted by

Bill Day

West Main St (155K)

At the turn of the century the area bounded by the homes on West Kings Highway, North Drive, Crystal Lake Avenue and Estaugh Avenue was Clara Hinchman's farm.  A meandering carriage lane led from West Main Street in the Estaugh Avenue section to join with a lane led from which is now West End Avenue.  The lane then continued to the Hinchman farmhouse which was the Lorain House on Crystal Lake Avenue years later.  Near Estaugh Avenue were a number of bubbling springs which were the source of the creek.  Mr. Hinchman put a dam across the stream and erected a mill with a water wheel.  Across the water he had a little bridge.  This creek ran through Redman's Woods which was the playground of all the children in town.  Well remembered is the Billy Penn tree.  This tall tree stood in the woods back of Mt. Vernon Avenue, and if a kid climbed up on it on a clear day could see Billy up on the top of Philadelphia City Hall.  A golf club purchased land from Mr. Hinchman out towards the North Drive area where the clubhouse stoood near the site of Mr. Cop Somers' residence.  The Haddonfield boys could get their spending money by caddying.  On the way to the links they could raid the big strawberry patch which was on the Avondale Avenue section.  It is difficult to envision a section of Haddonfield as farm land, but it was.  If the stream is questioned, a trip to the 300 block of Elm Avenue enables one to see it running through the field from the pipe under the street on its merry way to Crystal Lake.  Chestnut trees with good edible chestnuts were plentiful in the woods until one year a blight ruined them.  Boys use to knock the burrs down off the trees with railroad spikes tied to short lengths of broomsticks, and thus getting the chestnuts would roast them on fires and have feasts. Homepage
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