Days of Yore
 George Day - Boot Maker 1894
as recounted by

Bill Day


Shoemaker Shop
In 1894 George W. Day bought from Squire Moss the only shoemaker shop in Haddonfield which was located at 101 E. Kings Highway.  The price was $200.  A shoemaker shop in those days meant the actual building of shoes as well as the repairing of them.  All the work was done by hand.  The shop, when it later was moved to 205 E. Main Street, became the gathering spot for the few remaining Civil War veterans in town.  Among those to be remembered are Billy Jones, Bill Oakley, Squire Moss, G. W. Murphy, Orthy Pete, Mr. Anthony.  Another visitor, although not a veteran, but always present, was the first Mayor Haddonfield, Mayor Roberts, who lived in the old farmhouse which still stands on Kings Highway East across from Greenfield Hall.  These old gentlemen got together every day with their yarns before the Civil War.  Billy Jones was the last remaining Civil War veteran in town.  He died in 1932.  One day a Philadelphia newspaper photographer took a picture of the shoemaker and his bench in the background.  Two Haddonfield couples on vacation in California, Mr. & Mrs. Street and Mr. & Mrs. Philip Wilson, upon their return brought with them copies of a western newspaper which had carried the picture and the story.  A wire service had picked up the human interest story and circulated it throughout the United States.  Mr. Wilson, then a Camden Bank President, was the brother of Admiral Wilson after whom the Boulevard in Camden was named.  You knew Helen Louise Carroll?  Her mother married Phil Wilson. Homepage
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