Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


TC Evidently that was a wild group in the twenties, compared to what we think of as our parents.

BD Things haven’t changed.  I can remember one very aristocratic woman came into Neumeyer’s store one day and said, “Bill, do me a favor, I’m going out West for about three weeks.”  She lived on Chews Landing Road.  And she said, “There’s going to be a terrific story break in the papers while I’m away, and I want you to save every paper.”  I said okay.  So sure enough, about ten days later this divorce broke in the papers.  It was Davey Baird and the beautiful blonde.  She was a dancer.

TC Yes, she taught dancing too.

BD I don’t remember the details.  Of course, being Davey Baird - what was it, the fourth - it hit the papers.  So I saved them and when she came home I said, “is this what you wanted?” and she said “Yes.” Homepage
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