Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


The Rest Cottage
Around 1908 for ten or more years the house standing on the right side of Potter Street on the bend half way down the hill was owned by an organization that was then known as the King's Daughters.  It was called "The Rest Cottage."

The Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) financially supported the house that was open during summer months, but during the winters it was closed.  Miss Elrich, a middle-aged spinster, headed the project for the WCTU.  Poor working girls from Camden and girls working in the Philadelphia department stores and other businesses were brought to the Rest Cottage for their vacations every summer.

Haddonfield young folks furnished entertainment several times a week.  Girls and boys combined their talents for skits after which cold drinks, cookies, and ice cream were served.  Evelyn Haley played the small organ that was on the enclosed side porch for the singing sessions.  The house was well occupied, but when interest waned, the project was disbanded and the property was sold to a private party.

Back in those days the Rest Cottage was in line, as Haddonfield was known as a summer resort.  Affluent families from Camden and Philadelphia came here to escape the heat in the cities during the hot summer months.  The seashore and mountains were not as readily accessible then as they are now with our modern transportation facilities.

Do not think Haddonfield's way of life was disrupted by a wholesale migration, but all over town were scattered summer rentals available.  Many of prominent families became permanent residents after vacationing here. Homepage
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