Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day



Do you remember?

Who can remember the following items of interest in Haddonfield's past?  If the majority of you can recall them you're and oldtimer.

1. The blacksmith shop at the point of Mechanic street and Haddon avenue owned by Mr. Tule, the grandfather of Carl Tule.

2. The livery stable on Mechanic street at the present site of the parking lot.

 3. Before the parking lot on Mechanic street, Castor Brothers, whose trucks covered all of South Jersey with retail groceries and sundry products.

4. Farrow's Drug Store at the corner of Mechanic street and east Kings highway.

5. The Chinese Laundry opposite the bank clock, run by Mr. Ding on east Kings highway.

6. The old Victorian house of the Kay family which was torn down and the bank erected at the corner of Chestnut street and east Main street (Kings highway).

7. The three American stores that stood at three strategic locations in the business section on the highway.

8. The fire well uncovered when a concrete pavement was laid in front of the Kingsway Apartments.

9. The Pharo mansion torn down to build the Borough Hall on Kings highway east.

10. When the fire house on Haddon avenue also housed the office of th Borough Hall.

11. When Haddon avenue was cut through from Kings highway to Ellis street.

12. The fire bell atop the fire house.

13. When a barn yard fence was across Ellis street to keep the cows off the Main street.

14. The stand pipe that stood on the hill adjacent to the Methodist Cemetery.

15. The mansion of Mr. Blaker on which site Haddonfield Memorial High School now stands.

16. When the skating rink for West Haddonfield was the fence enclosed field where the Methodist Church now stands on Warwick road.

17. When the whole area in the vicinity of North drive out west Kings highway was a golf course with a clubhouse near Homestead avenue.

18. The pottery on Lake street operated by the Wingender family.

19. The old empty school house on Lake street and Grove street with the swinging door wher the neighborhood kids played cowboys and Indians. Homepage
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