Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


A Real Estate Transaction
When long ago Haddonfield residents are contacted in endeavoring to learn something in the town¹s days of yore, usually they can recall some item that was then and that is even more now, interesting, amusing and unusual.

Mr. Herbert Gleeson remembers that Mr. Americus Underdown, a prominent resident, once resided at 200 Warwick Road (Mansion Avenue) in a house he had built, before the turn of the century. His house was a medium sized wooden frame residence that he decided to sell. The price Mr. Underdown was asking for his property was $13,000.

Mr. Frank Sitley, the proprietor of a feed and grain business in the area, became interested in the property, but Mr. Sitley was a very superstitious gentleman. Thirteen thousand dollars to him was an unlucky figure with which to do business. He approached Mr. Underdown with a proposition that after due consideration Mr. Underdown accepted. On the day of settlement, Mr. Sitley paid Mr. Underdown for the property with a check in the amount of $12,999.99

After obtaining the property Mr. Sitley replaced the house with the large mansion that stood there for many years until it was demolished by a real estate developer. The Sitley family resided in the house for years and their several cows and horses could be seen daily grazing in the yard. This was not an unusual sight around Haddonfield at the turn of the century.

Only in a town like this could such a transaction have been made, and only here are roots so deep that the incident can be remembered. Homepage
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