Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


Old Herb Lady
Also adjacent to the library only separated by the Rhoads house on the corner of Clement Street and Haddon Avenue, on the site of Mrs. Carey's antique establishment, there once stood a log cabin.  In the log cabin lived an old lady called "The Old Herb Lady" because of the many herbs she collected and hung from the beams of her cabin.  Many a parent with a sick child would call on "The Old Herb Lady", describe the child's symptoms and ask for some medicine.  The old lady would mix a connection from her herbs and give it to the worried parent.  The success of her prescriptions became so well know around town that she began to hurt the medical profession.  Soon a ordinance was passed prohibiting her from dispensing her medicines.  Her problem was that she was too advanced for her time. Homepage
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