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.Fire Horse - Ned
Fire Horse Ned
as recounted by

Bill Day


'Ned' was first at any fire
The 1977-1978 Borough Calendar had, for the month of June, a picture of a horse harnessed to a fire truck.  The truck was used many years in Haddonfield by Haddon Fire Company No 1 volunteers.

The horse has been identified as 'Ned' who from 1897 for ten years was a better known part of Haddon Fire Company than the firemen themselves.  Ned was borough-owned, but between fires he was the delivery horse for Sam Hunt's butcher shop.

That was where Howard Griffeth's Electric Shop is now on the highway.

Sam kept Ned in a stable in his barn, which was down the alley opposite to the Fire House on Haddon avenue.  So, working or resting, Ned was always near when the fire bell would ring announcing a fire in town.

Age crept up on Ned and he was retired to a more leisurely task of hauling a two-wheeled ash cart around town collecting ashes and trash.  He was never aware, though, that his station in life had been changed.

Whenever the fire bell would ring he just knew his place was at the fire house.  It did not matter to him whether he was hauling a butcher wagon of an ash cart, he took off from wherever he was for the station and it was a common sight to see the cart rocking perilously behind Ned when he answered the alarm.

Mrs Lingg (Redman) remembers once on Haddon avenue, the ash cart driver holding a can over his head with the contents spilling all over the street, when the cart followed Ned up the street when the bell had tolled. Homepage
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