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Bill Day

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Judge Wescott
It is common knowledge that Haddonfield was one of the most prominent Republican towns in the state of New  Jersey, and a prominent citizen of Haddonfield in the early 1900's was the Hon. John W. Wescott, a retired Judge, but still active in his Camden law practice, along with his two sons who were also well known.  One son, Ralph, was a member of the Port Authority, and the other, Ethan, was the Prosecutor of Camden County.

Judge Wescott was a Democrat and was renowned for having given Woodrow Wilson's nominating addresses.  One was at the Democratic Convention in Baltimore June 27, 1912, and the other at the Democratic Convention in St. Louis, Missouri June 10,1916.  Afterwards, when he was Attorney General of New Jersey he wrote a book on the events in Woodrow Wilson's life.

In the shoemaker shop in Haddonfield another of the few Democrats in Haddonfield sat working every day.  If you were a voter of the right political party you never had to wait for your shoes to be repaired when a mending was required.

Some mornings on his way to the trolley car which he would ride to Camden to his office, Judge Wescott would stop in the shoe shop to pass the time of day.  The conversation would be political and, of course, the main topic would be Wilson.

At 12 o'clock when the fire bell would ring, the Judge would go home for lunch.  The law business would suffer from neglect that day.

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