Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day



Joe's 'Model A'

In the throes of the depression during the 1930's, Henry Ford produced a completely black Model "A" sedan car that sold for around $500.  There were great numbers of this model on the roads and they all looked exactly alike.

Joseph Cox, a plumber in Haddonfield, stopped in Neumeyer's store every evening about 6 p.m. for his newspaper.  He had parked his new black "A: Model Ford by the horse fountain that stood then at the curb.

He was only in the store about two minutes, but when he went out his car was gone.  The police were immediately notified, and Joe walked home.

An hour and a half later an old German gentleman walked into the store.  He said he had just gone out to get his new black Ford where he lived up on Lee avenue to go to Green's Market out at Ellisburg.  His wife said, "Where did you get all the tools that are here on the back seat?"  He, of course, knew that the car he thought was his, wasn't.

The last stop he had made on his way home every evening was Neumeyer's, so he started to retrace his rout from there.  When he got back down town he found his car parked near the fountain.

The police were notified and the stolen car bulletin was rescinded.  Joe Cox had to walk downtown but he could drive home.

Two months after this incident Joe was cutting grass at his home on the corner of Center Street and Lincoln avenue, when an automobile rounded the corner, went out of control, jumped the curb, pinned Joe against a tree at the curb and he was killed instantly.

Joe had worked for years in home around town and well known.  Haddonfield residents grieved. Homepage
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