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Hicksite Friends (131KB)
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Bill Day


Hicksite Friends
The Hicksite Friends Meeting House was built in 1851 on the corner of Ellis Street and Walnut Street.  On Ellis Street, close to the property line of the church, stood a house.  At the rear of this residence, parallel with the Meeting House, was a one story wooden building which had for years been deserted and padlocked.  One day neighborhood boys decided to examine the interior of this building and thus satisfy their curiosity.  It contained a room with school desks of a long ago vintage.  Blackboards on the wall were filled with words and figures, with chalk and erasers on the shelves.  It was evident that this had been a schoolroom once, and that one day someone had just walked out, locked the door, and school was finished there.  It is possible that when the Hicksites separated from the Orthodox Friends a hundred or more years ago they had established there own school in that old building next to their Church so that they would be completely on their own.  When the congregations reunited years ago and the Meeting House property was purchased by the American Stores Company, the stipulation was that the old building was to be retained in the store’s building program.  The white stone in the wall of the Acme attests to the fact that this was done, “1851 E. M.” Homepage
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