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F. Victor Westermaier:  A look back at a former mayor
F. Victor Westermaier, a former mayor of Haddonfield, is now 97 years of age (in 1978), and resides in the section of Barrington that has a Haddonfield mailing address.

Westermaier moved into town in 1916 and for 46 years he lived in the house on the corner of Roberts avenue and east Kings highway.  He chose Haddonfield to raise his family because of the appearance of the town and its school system.

However, he soon discovered that the schools were in a crowded state, with the classes being conducted in the church Sunday school rooms.  Eventually, Mr Theodore Blaker agreed to sell his large property that was opposite to the Baptist Cemetery up on east Kings highway if it was to be used for educational purposes.  The new high school could then be built.

In 1944, Mayor G. Barrett Glover, had to go to Florida for health reasons.  Westermaier was appointed by Robert Chew and Alfred Driscoll, the two remaining commissioners, to the vacated post.  He was a commissioner from 1944 until 1957 and held every municipal position except that of finance.  He became Mayor Westermaier during the period from 1949 to 1953.

In 1915 Westermaier was the vice president and the chief engineer of the Street Light Company of Philadelphia, a position to which he had advanced after his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1901.  Westermaier is a shining example of the host of family men who recognized Haddonfield at the town to move to, to raise his family in, and as the years passed, to participate in activities for the betterment of his community. Homepage
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