Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


Elizabeth Day
Another yarn of Haddonfield comes very close to home because it involves my mother.  When Elizabeth Day was a little girl she lived with her grandfather, my great grandfather, in on of the only three houses that had been built up to that time on Warwick Road some time around the era of 1875.  Warwick Road was then know as Snowhill Road, so called because it terminated at Snowhill which is now Lawnside.

When Elizabeth's grandfather retired from his bookkeeper position in Philadelphia, he began to put the grandest name that he could think of as his return address on his mail.  The name he came up with was "Mansion Avenue".  When street signs were erected later in the town "Mansion Avenue" became official.  It remained so until years later when the name was changed to Warwick Road as it is now called.  Also at that time Highland Avenue was renamed Chews Landing Road. Homepage
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