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'Doc' Farrell remembered
Edgar Atlas Holl Farrell, or 'Doc Farrell' , as he was once widely know by in Haddonfield, was a two hundred thirty-five pound good natured gentleman.

Doc was graduated form the Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he had been the chief Resident physician.  He came to town during the early 1930?s and took over Dobro Smith?s practice when that general practitioner passe away.

Doc Farrell moved into the large white house that then stood on the corner of west Kings highway and Warwick road.  With his extrovert personality and his medical ability he soon became well know in town and his practice grew.  He became the school doctor in the public school system and married miss Miriam Jones, the high school girls physical director.  When Sandra was born, Doc?s blond baby daughter, many an evening a full waiting room of patients sat, while in his inside office he had brought out his movie projector and was showing the latest roll of file of his pride and joy.

Doc was never in a hurry and he moved through life with true Southern gait.  No patient ever felt that Doc ever hurried him out of his office.  He was drafted with the rank of Captain into the army during  World War II.  He became a Colonel and the commanding officer of the 77th medical detachment that took care of the 7th army.  He was at Okinawa when the beach ws taken and came through unscathed.

While stationed at Camp Kilmer awaiting his discharge he visited his home at 504 Washington avenue where he slipped on the stairs and injured his knee.  This happened after years in the South Pacific without harm!

Three years after return to civilian life, after Doc?s second illness, he passed away and a fine career ended at the age of 49.  The town was deeply grieved.

To perpetuate his memory the Little League Field when inaugurated was named the Edgar A. Farrell Field. Homepage
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