Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


Days of Yore Background
Day's of Yore was inspired by my wife Jean who wanted me to have a time consuming project that I needed following my illness that incapacitated me.  My family have been resident of Haddonfield for longer than I rightly know.  My mother and father were constantly recounting events and stories about the town and its people to me as I was growing up, and I was always interested in them.  Then for years I was employed in an establishment on the Main Street which the whole town patronized, and more Haddonfield saga was learned, some of which I became a part.

Al Mattern, editor of the Haddon Gazette, learned from Jean that I was compiling a few yarns of Haddonfield.  He thought that they would make entertaining, interesting reading for the residents, both old and young.  He said he could put a column in the paper and name it "DAY"S OF YORE."  This has been done and it is hoped that the public has enjoyed the articles as much as I have enjoyed writing them.  Not all of them are public printable, but all are private readable.

I have been told that some of Haddonfield's past could be put in the category of myths, but the following pages do not contain anything but bona fide facts that need no coloring to be interesting. Homepage
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