Days of Yore
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Bill Day


Day Family History
Every family has some member who becomes curious abut his family tree.  This may be someone, who at an early age, becomes interested in finding out who his ancestors are, or he may be one who when he is retired has the leisure time to delve into the past history of his family.  I am in the leisure time category, and I have to start from scratch with my research as no one in the Day family has ever compiled any records of our past generations.  I am writing this now, and will add to it as my findings progress.  The information will be general, rambling, and widespread over the years, but at least it will be a record that up to this time was not at all available in any form.

I learned that there are records showing that property was owned by a Day that are dated 1720.  This was acreage in Delaware Township in the area that is now Erlton, Jesse Haydock is trying to get more detail about this and will tell me what he can find.

In 1802 the Haddonfield Monthly Meeting procured a "well qualified teacher", a member of the Friends Society, Stephen Munson Day, who became headmaster.  Later on I learned that at the site of the present Borough Hall was the Horton family mansion which was torn down to build.  Before that on the premises was the house that was owned by Stephen Munson Day, where he lived when he was headmaster of the Friends School.

The Grand Army of the Republic Thomas H. Davis Post No. 53 of Haddonfield, in 1886,lists among its officers, Gilbert L. Day, Quartermaster.  The membership was then about fifty-three, and listed was Henry Day.
Mr. Bill Schlecht has told me how Lafe Day (Lafayette) was the foreman of the Willits Coal and Lumber Yard around the year 1871.  He told how he was red more that once when my grandfather caught him and whaled him with a broken lathe when he caught him climbing on the piles of lumber.

In the family Bible is a birthday record of Benj. F. Day, 1805.  It seems indicative of something patriotic that my father was George Washington Day, my grandfather was named Lafayette Day, and my great grand father was named Benjamin Franklin Day.  Could it be possible that if I went back far enough I would find Christopher Columbus Day was really the pilot of that ship? Homepage
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