Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


Costs were different then
In the tin box in the cornerstone of the post office that was opened when the stone was moved (to make way for the ramp to be built for handicapped persons) there were Haddon Gazettes from the years 1932 to 1935.  The advertisements that were printed in the copies are indicative of the conditions that prevailed during the heights of the depression that then was in full swing.  The following ads are not in the format in which they were printed for publication, but the wording here is the same:

LOUISE HAIRDRESSING, 6 Kings Hwy, E., Wednesday and Thursday special for two days, hot oil shampoo-finger wave regularly $1.75 - $1; will nourish the scalp and style to suit your individual profile.

ARTHUR H. & EARL B. HOLL FUNERAL HOMES, 125 Kings highway west, Haddonfield, & 1401-03 Princess avenue, Camden.  Complete funerals as low as $100.

HADDONFIELD NATIONAL BANK. Fashion the future more to your taste through our 25 cents a week Tax Club. 46 years of successful banking.

CASSEL COAL at Kings highway & Railroad.  Thrift coal $7.50 ton.

WINNER'S FORD AGENCY, (Haddon Heights) Good new Ford owners.  A Ford factory reconditioned motor installed in your car for $37.50.  Installed complete in five hours.  Motors carried in stock.

HADDONFIELD PIANO TUNING SERVICE.  Your piano carefully tuned, $2.50.

PAPERHANGING. Any average size room.  Complete, including material and labor.  Your own selection of patterns for $5 to $6.

FOR SALE.  Dry oak wood cut any length for fireplaces, heaters, or ranges, $8 a load - $10 a cord delivered.

CHARLES MODERN ELECTRIC SHOE REPARING.  Regular $1.50 men's half soles and heels, Price $1; 50 cents rubber heels, 35 cents.  Regular ladies half soles and heels $1.35 - $1; comb. rubber heels 20 cents - top lifts 20 cents.

THE LOEWER SHOP on east Kings highway.  Broadcloth pajamas 50 cents; pure silk chiffon hose three prs. $1.65; Children's flannel pajamas 50 cents - two to eight years.

FOR RENT: Five-room house and acre of ground near Orchard Station, $10 per month, James Trent & Company, Realtor.

APT. FOR RENT.  (2nd) Floor.  All conveniences, $23 - east Park avenue.

APT. ON EVERGREEN LANE - Bedroom, living room, and kitchenette $5 per week including light, heat and gas.

FOR RENT - Avondale avenue - six rooms and bath, garage, all convs., $25. apply 308 Spruce street, Haddonfield.

Such prices are unbelievable now, but then so are the wages then.  If the family head was making a $25 weekly salary, he was fortunate, as so many were on WPA (Works Progress Administration) and taking home $12 each week. Homepage
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