Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day


Mr. Childrey
In the early 1900's Mr. Childrey was the minister of the Baptist Church in Haddonfield.  He was probably the most beloved and respected person in the town.  At one time a petition was drawn up to prohibit the trolley cars from entering town on Sunday.  Mr. Childrey was asked to be the first to sign his name to this petition since that would be a big boost to the proposal.  He said an emphatic "NO!:  He explained that every Sunday after preaching his sermon he really looked forward to his Sunday dinner and then settling down with a good cigar and his Sunday newspaper.  The papers were brought to Haddonfield at that time by trolley car.  With no further ado, the petition died!

One evening Mr. Childrey went to Camden to where the White Horse Pike ends or begins at Haddon Avenue near the Harleight Cemetery.  He was to make arrangements for a wedding he was going to perform at a house near the then site of the Wetherill paint works.  He was waylaid in a robbery attempt, shot and killed.  Our town was shocked and grieved at his passing.

At the next Haddonfield Senior Class graduation exercises in June, the CHILDREY MEMORIAL MEDAL as awarded to the outstanding senior in the class that year.  Since then each year the medal is the highest achievement a Haddonfield senior can earn. Homepage
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