Days of Yore
as recounted by

Bill Day



The Buttonwoods

Additions to the history of the two buttonwood trees on east Kings Highway near Haddon avenue, only one of which now stands, was made by Frank S. Stewart.

Stewart was the number one citizen of Woodbury until he disposed of his estate and moved to Haddonfield where he lived in the Kingsway Apartments.

He was president of the Gloucester County Historical Society and the author of several books on Indian trails and folklore of South Jersey.

Stewart stated that the first thing done by the Quakers when they erected a meeting house was to plant a tree on each side of the entrance to the lane leading back to the meeting house.

The two buttonwood frees were the markers of the meeting house lane.

Until this information came to light, Friends avenue had always been regarded as the lane to the church and originally was called Quaker lane. Homepage
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