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I was born on November 24, 1911 at 273 Lake Street where I lived until I was five years old when the family moved to a double house that stood at 204 East Main Street.  The other side of the house was Mr. Wright's newspaper agency.  The front room of our house was my dad's shoemaker shop.  At the time he was the only shoemaker in Haddonfield.  All of his repair work was done by hand with no machinery involved.  I attended Miss Fowler's private school up on Center Street until fifth grade was reached when I transferred to public school up in the old brown building on Lincoln Avenue.  Miss Florie Turnley was my seventh grade English teacher, and Miss Bryson was principal of the Junior School and my eighth grade English teacher.  For two years I attended High School at the corner of Chestnut and LIncoln Avenue; the last two years were spent at the new High School up on Kings Highway.  I was in the second class graduated from the new building.  Mr.Reynolds was my senior English teacher, and in my senior year I typed his masters degree thesis.  I received $0.40 an hour for this job.  After graduating I was a bookkeeper in Philadelphia until the crash in the fall of 1930, after which I went to work for Harry Neumeyer in the news agency where I stayed for 16 1/2 yearned in payroll and correspondence when the draft caught me in World War II.  I spent 28 months in the infantry in Florida where I was stationed.  Returning to civilian life, I was employed at the Courier Post for 28 years until a stroke forced me into retirement .  The stroke came on my 63rd birthday.  I began writing a weekly column called "Days of Yore" in the Haddon Gazette which dwells on the stories that I have learned about the town during my lifetime.  I have been married for 37 years and have two married sons.  One works in Washington D.C. and the other is a school teacher.  This is a resume of my life up to this point in my life in 1976. Homepage
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