Days of Yore
Haddon Fire Co No 1 (59K)
Haddon Fire Company No. 1
as recounted by

Bill Day


Hose Wagon (98K)
The Haddon Fire Company, 1907

The Bell Ringer
On November 11,1918 at 11 am the Armistice was declared ending World War I.  Haddonfield went into a turmoil with church bells ringing, horns blowing and people pouring out into the streets to celebrate.  Schools were dismissed and everyone gathered on Main Street (Kings Highway) to form a parade which progressed throughout the town.

Mr. Feinstein, owner & operator of a dry goods and shoe store at Haddon Ave. & Main St., went across to the firehouse and asked why the fire bell was not ringing.  He was told that the commissioners had recently passed an ordinance that the bell was to ring only at 12 noon, and for fires, and for firemen's funerals.  Mr. Feinstein asked what the penalty would be if the bell rang at any other time.  Fire chief Bill Mackin told him that there would be a $10 fine.  At that Mr. Feinstein took a $10.00 bill from his pocket, gave it to Chief Mackin, grabbed the bell rope and rang his $10.00 worth.  (Incidentally, Mr. Feinstein was the father of I.F. Stone, now a Washington, D.C. newsletter editor and nationally known figure.) Homepage
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