Days of Yore
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Bill Day


200th Anniversary
Then there was the 200th anniversary in Haddonfield.  On October 18, 1913 the 200th anniversary of the settlement of Haddonfield was celebrated.

A letter had been sent to the Haddonfield Civic Association by Samuel N. Rhoads stating that Elizabeth Haddon had built her house and occupied it in 1713 which made the year 1913 the proper year to celebrate the 200th anniversary.

The President named a committee of Mr. Rhoads and Mr. James Lane Pennypacker, and these gentlemen invited Mrs. E. T. Gill to assist them in working out a celebration.  They proceeded to form an organization composed of patriotic societies in town, churches, and certain individuals to direct the tableaux to be planned.  Saturday the 18th was a cloudy day with a threat of rain but early in the morning a costumed Herald on a horse rode around town announcing the opening of the celebration.

Opening exercises at the Friends Meeting House were held.  By noon the seats on the lawn of Mr. Sam Wood's house were filled.   This was the site of the permanent home of Elizabeth Haddon.  The number present was estimated at 6000.  The ceremonies were conducted all afternoon.  The tableaux were all historic scenes and were very impressive.

The Artisan's Hall was open to the public the whole weekend with an exhibition of historic objects.

At a meeting of the celebration organization a few days after that memorable Saturday, it was decided to publish a record of the event in book form.  One thousand copies were offered to the citizens of Haddonfield which were successfully sold. Homepage
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